July 14, 2009

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but...

What the hell was up with Fox's broadcast of President Obama's first pitch at the All-Star Game? Look, I know Fox being owned by News Corp would make it seem that they'd go out of the way to paint the liberal commie in a less-than-flattering light, but it sure looked like there had been a wink-wink deal to not show the flight of the pitch because of its potential to make Obama look bad.

I have watched a lot of baseball games, and I have never seen a ceremonial first pitch where they didn't show where the freakin' ball went. Ever. Surely Obama's team did not want him becoming the next Mark Mallory, or have another bowling debacle on their hands. So they probably asked Fox to not show the pitch, and since he is the President of the United States -- and Fox Sports is probably a far less right-leaning organization than the parent company -- they obliged. Still, I have to wonder if the strategy might backfire; while it's possible it could fly for President Obama, trying to keep a minor embarrassment under wraps hasn't worked out so well for King James.

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  1. I think FOX didn't show it for fear of making Obama look good...that seems like the most likely nutjob theory...just sayin