April 16, 2009

Mr. SKIA's Quick-6 Picks

6. The Celtics without Kevin Garnett aren't as doomed as everyone thinks. Sure, it's difficult to see them getting past LeBron and the Cavs, but I still think they can take down the Magic. The Magic don't have a big-game performer the caliber of Paul Pierce, and no one in Orlando -- not even their Community Ambassador -- has had much success in the postseason. And yes, I'm willing to throw caution to the wind and actually bet against a Van Gundy in the postseason. I'm just that crazy.

5. The Cubs are in a little bit of trouble. Meltdown Badly is (predictably) already banged up, as are Aramis Ramirez and Geovany Soto. Derrek Lee appears so done that if this season were a movie, he'd be played by Bill Russell in a remarkably canny bit of stunt casting. And even if Rich Harden's inevitable date with DL-destiny is somehow delayed, it now seems unlikely that the Cubs will just run away with the division. That doesn't mean they can't still win it though, but with St. Louis playing some inspired ball early, I am even less optimistic than I was two weeks ago.

4. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking, but I don't see the Lakers as the lock for the Finals that everyone else seems to think they are. Then again, maybe that's just because I can't stand Kobe Bryant, and his failure is like sweet, sweet nectar to me. And if the Finals do come down to Lakers-Cavs, I will be rooting for Cleveland like I'm watching Major League.

3. With a record of 8-1, Larry Beinfest's Florida Marlins are starting to look like a viable longshot to continue their 1-World Series-title-every-6-years pattern. Which is somewhat better than the Cubs' 0-every-100.

2. Despite his abject failure as an NBA coach, Isiah Thomas will succeed at the college level. I don't even feel I need to start listing the host of successful college coaches who have bombed on the bench in the NBA, and none of them have had Thomas' pedigree, which is sure to help with recruiting. And that's what the college game is all about; luckily for Isiah, being a competent game tactician has little impact on success.

1. I really wish the Bears had some assets to give up in an Anquan Boldin trade. What's that? They do? You certainly wouldn't think so from the national rumor mill. Has anyone stopped to think that the Cardinals, who incidentally did win the NFC last year, might want established players instead of just picks? They're not rebuilding; in fact, with a 74-year-old quarterback, their window is rapidly closing, meaning they don't have time to wait for draftees to develop. I don't think it's far-fetched to think the Cards might consider a some combination of a Bears' defensive stalwart (perhaps Tommie Harris or Brian Urlacher, as the Trib's David Haugh has previously suggested), a promising young player (maybe Danieal Manning or Marcus Harrison), and their 2nd rounder. While I'd really hate to see Manning go, the Bears don't seem to trust him on defense, and with In in the fold perhaps Devin Hester could revert to being the greatest special teams' force in the history of the league and render Manning's contributions in that area moot. At 29, In is so much younger -- to say nothing of so much better -- than any of the Bears' free agent options, and the dynamic he'd add to the offense would be worth a steep price.

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  1. "His failure is like sweet, sweet nectar to me" I so so agree with this quote about Kobe. To think how far the NBA has fallen. He is the face of the National Basketball Assoc. Sad, oh so very sad. Bulls in 4 is my pick over the Celtics. Maybe they can drum up enough respect not to get put on television at 11:00am on a Sat morning. How I miss the draw of Jordan and Pippen in prime time... No respect at all