May 19, 2009

I think I like the Nuggets

Yes, that's mostly because I despise the Lakers. But I really think (hope?) that Denver can knock them off. Here's why:

1. Though the Lakers have a significant size advantage up front, there's no way the Nuggets bigs are going to be dominated. In fact, I think with Kenyon Martin, Nene, and Chris Anderson, the Nuggets are going to intimidate the hell out of the Lakers. It's not like any of the Lakers' guys -- I'm looking at you Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom -- have a reputation as being mentally tough. The Nuggets will be the aggressors, and the Lakers bigs will be much less assertive than they were against Houston's depleted frontcourt.

2. The last time the heavily-favored Lakers got unceremoniously dumped in the playoffs -- in 2004, when everyone thought they would win it, but instead were stunned by the Pistons in the Finals -- it was Chauncey Billups who orchestrated the upset. I smell a sequel.

3. I hate Kobe Bryant.

And that's really it. I mean, Denver is probably playing better basketball, but the Lakers seem more to be playing only as hard as they need to. Perhaps the Nuggets will elevate LA's level of play, but I'm hoping they'll keep it on snooze. Go Nuggets.

1 comment:

  1. This series is destined to go 7. It is also destined to be marred in some controversy that aids the Lakers. It will be interesting to see which hacks Stern has officiating a game 7. The possibility of a LeBron/Kobe finals is simply too tantalizing for him to keep his dirty mits off the proceedings.